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Oh Yeah Protein Shake Reviews



Oh Yeah Cookies and Crème Protein Shake :
Wow, this shake was very good. I mixed my powder (1 scoop) with 8 oz almond milk. The taste of the shake actually reminded me of cookies and cream ice cream. I liked that the protein taste wasn’t very apparent and that the powder had such a rich and delectable taste. Also, this shake was very filling and the powder itself was only 110 cals! This shake was very impressive, and I definitely recommend this product!

Oh Yeah Strawberries and Cream Protein Shake:
I really enjoyed this shake! To make my shake I mixed a packet of the powder (one rounded scoop) with 8 oz almond milk(the max amount of liquid recommended on label). This shake tasted very similar to the Hershey/Horizon strawberry milk I used to drink when I was little. It was so sweet, creamy, and the strawberry taste didn’t have that bad artificial flavor. The only thing about this shake that I wasn’t too keen on was it was partially sweetened with aspartame. Other than that, I loved it!

Oh Yeah Chocolate Milkshake Protein Shake:
This protein shake was perfect! The flavor was just as good or even better than a chocolate milkshake. It had such a rich sweet chocolatey flavor and was so delicious. I added the max amount of liquid(almond milk) that the label recommended so my shake was a milky consistent.. But, if you add less liquid then drinking this shake would have the taste and texture of a chocolate milkshake.

Oh Yeah Vanilla Crème Protein Shake:
Similarly to the Strawberries and Crème shake this reminded me of the Horizon or Hershey flavored milk that I used to drink when I was little! The taste of this protein shake was like vanilla ice cream. I added the max amount of liquid (almond milk) that the label recommended, so my shake was more of a milky consistently in which i liked! The flavor was so distinct and rich that I was like drinking a milkshake of dessert.


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