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Krave Protein Bar Reviews


Krave Raw Cookie Dough Protein Bar:
This bar is pretty good, but isn’t to the point where it is so desirable that I would choose it as a dessert. Yet, the bar is very good broken up and put into profoyo/froyo/yogurt bowls. It has a good and soft base texture that isn’t too chewy and has small chocolate chips/chunks. I love how big and filling the bar is. Especially because it only had 6 grams non fiber carbs! Also, the bar is all natural, which I am very happy about because now a days many protein bars are full of unnatural sweeteners and have an ingredient list miles long! All the ingredients out into the bar were extremely clean, and this bar is a good quick grab for some energy and to satisfy your hunger.

Krave Chocolate Fudge Brownie Protein Bar:
This Bar is pretty good having a chocolatey base with nuts and chocolate pieces for some good added texture. The bar is very good for a protein bar, but It doesn’t have such an amazingly delectable taste that I would eat this as a dessert substitution. Yet, it is very good broken up and put into froyo/profoyo/yogurt bowls. It has a good and tender, yet not too chewy texture. The bar was very filling and satisfying. Also, I am very happy that this bar is all natural, and made with all clean ingredients!




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