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Zevia Soda Reviews


This flavor of soda is one of my favorite! It has a pretty incredible dead on taste to the original cola soda. It has a flavor close to Pepsi, more so then CocaCola. This is an excellent sub for the original sugar filled Cola sodas and most definitely satisfies my cravings.

Black Cherry:
I have never tried a sugary soda that had a Black Cherry flavor, so I don’t have anything to compare this too.. But, in my opinion it was very good! My older sister also agrees. It has a very unique cherry flavor that is very satisfying and delicious. With the cherry flavor, the sweet soda almost has a slight sour taste.

Cream Soda:
I always loved the Jones old fashioned Cream Soda when I was little… And this definitely satisfies my craving for it! It has a deliciously creamy and sweet taste like reminds me of a vanilla ice cream soda float!

Ginger Ale:
I am not particularly a fan of Ginger Ale, but I actually like this! It is very refreshing, and I like that it doesn’t have an overly bold ginger taste.