NuGo Slim Bar Reviews


NuGo Slim Brownie Crunch

This bar is very delicious. It has a great texture, as well as taste. It has a delightful REAL dark chocolate coating with a delicious chocolatey crunch inside. It has a nice, and genuine chocolate & whey protein flavor, with just a hint of a nut flavor. With minimal ingredients (all clean), no artificial sweeteners and sugar alcohols, great macros(6 g f (2.5 saturated), 190 calories, 16 G protein, 2 g sugar) , is filling/satisfying, and great taste, this bar was very impressive!

NuGo Slim Raspberry Truffle

This bar tastes very similar to the “Nugo Slim Brownie Crunch” except it has a great raspberry taste added to it. With the same texture as the Brownie Crunch bar (perfectly dense crunchy inside with a delightful REAL dark chocolate coating), it was very good. The taste reminds me a lot of the Brookside Dark Chocolate Raspberries. The genuine whey and Chocolate give it perfectly satisfying taste, as well as it being filling. The bar is all natural with no artificial sweeteners or sugar alcohols, and it also has great macros (180 cal, 4.5 g fat, 2 g sugar, and 18 g protein).

NuGo Slim Roasted Peanut

This bar is so delicious and satisfying. It tastes like a healthier dark chocolate and peanut butter candy bar! The inside has a perfectly crunchy and creamy texture with a delicious peanut taste. The peanut butter center had a great flavor, with a combination of peanut butter and whey protein. The peanut center is covered in a layer of real dark chocolate. The bar also has a couple of peanut chunks on the inside. All natural, no artificial sweeteners/sugar alcohols, and great macros (190 cals, 2 g sugar, 15 protein), this bar is very impressive.


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