Buff Bake Muffin Reviews

Chocolate Peanut Butter Buff Bake Muffins:
These muffins had a great taste, but were a bit dry due to being slightly overcooked. They had a bit of a texture due to the flaxseed, hempseed, and chia seeds. The muffins had a combination of a peanut butter taste, a coco taste, and a slight coconut taste (from the coconut flour). The muffins are very diet friendly and are low carb, completely organic, gluten free, and have great macros (nutritional info). These muffins are such a great snack to fill you up on the go. They are a great choice that provide a good taste, without you having to sacrifice the macros.


Chocolate Buff Bake Muffins:
These Muffins were so delicious. They had a cakey bottom with a fudgy top. The muffins had a pretty smooth texture, with the exception of some chia sees, hemp sees, and flaxseed. The muffins have great macros and are great for the health conscious, as well as for people with special diets. The muffins are low carb, organic, gluten free, and paleo. The taste of the muffins was mostly coco, but have the very slightest hint of coconut flavor (due to the coconut flour). I really enjoyed these muffins.


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