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Amphetrx Blue Razz Workout Enhancer (For Her) Review

Amphetrx Blue Razz Prescription Strength a Workout Enhancer (for her) Review:
This preworkout supplement drink really boosts my energy level for my workout, and has a good taste. The flavor of the drink is similar to one of Blue Gatorade or a Blue Raspberry Dum Dum Lollipop! The flavor was quite good, but a bit strong (even when I added the most amount of water that was recommended). One thing that I’m not to keen on about this preworkout drink is that it is sweetened with aspartame (an artificial sweetener), which acts as a laxative when I consume it. Yet, this doesn’t occur with everyone’s body. To learn more about artificial sweeteners, you can purchase my (yet to be released) new Ebook. Overall, the drink is pretty good because of it’s desirable taste, and energy booster.


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