Vegan, Your Tea Tiny Tea Review

Your Tea Tiny Tea Review

First off, I had seen “detox” and “slimming” teas posted ALL over Instagram [go follow me @simplyffitandfabulous], and i was so curious to find out more about these “magical” slimming products. I started my research and stumbled upon a brand called Your Tea who had, had countless success stories and grateful customers for their detox plans (14 or 28 days).
When i received my Tiny Tea (the name for Your Tea’s detox Tea line) 14 day teatox it was wrapped in such a professional, cute cardboard box with pink tea bags on the inside.
The Tiny Tea teatox is claimed to cleanse the digestive system, reduce weight, ease bloating, increase digestion functionality, improve skin clarity, increase energy levels, and alleviate issues associated with food intolerances. The tea is made out of Chinese medicine herbs and is based upon Chinese medical principles. The tea also claims to be the only teatox on the market that doesn’t have a laxative affect. It is recommended that you eat healthily while on the teatox and following your finish.
I did notice a significant difference while taking the tea, and most of their claims were affects that I saw. The most pronounced affect that I noticed was the boost of energy. After taking the tea, I felt incredibly awake and lively, which really helped me have/maintain a positive attitude and have a great day. I also felt less bloated and didn’t have any stomach pains after eating a heavy meal. The tea stated the truth, in that it didn’t have a laxative affect. Although, I didn’t experience any significant weight loss, the tea overall really was helpful in many aspects and I would recommend it to others.
Link to Your Tea website


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