Brown Box Bakery Reviews

Brown Box Bakery Reviews


Brown Box Bakery Chocolate Chip Cookies:
These cookies are pretty good. Unlike the Peanut Butter Cookies, you can taste the almond flour in the cookies, as well as a vanilla flavor. Also, a chocolate flavor from the chocolate chips. The texture is very dense and doesn’t break very easily. Overall, these cookies are pretty good, but not as desirable as the peanut butter cookies. Macros were not provided. I loved that they are sweetened with Erythritol instead of sugar.
These are gluten free, and vegan/dairy free.

Brown Box Bakery Peanut Butter Cookies:
Wow. These cookies are so amazingly impressive. They have such a pronounced and delicious taste with a lovely and appetizing texture. The taste of the cookies is so rich with genuine peanut butter. The sweetness of the cookies is just right. I really love the texture of the cookies, which is dense but easy to break. These were so amazingly good, that i prefer these cookies over the original naughty ones. Also, I love that they are sweetened win Erythritol. The macros for these cookies is not provided. These are gluten free, and vegan/dairy free.

Brown Box Bakery Mexican Chocolate Brownies:
I am not a huge fan of these brownies. They have a very light and fluffy texture with a spicy cinnamon coco flavor. The walnuts on top of the brownies provide a nice texture. feel like they were lacking a bit of sweetness. Overall, the taste of the brownies is good, but for sweetness lovers like me, they may not be up to our sweet standards. I am very impressed with the fact that they are sweetened with Erythritol. The macros were not provided. These are gluten free.