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Oh Yeah Protein Shake Reviews



Oh Yeah Cookies and Crème Protein Shake :
Wow, this shake was very good. I mixed my powder (1 scoop) with 8 oz almond milk. The taste of the shake actually reminded me of cookies and cream ice cream. I liked that the protein taste wasn’t very apparent and that the powder had such a rich and delectable taste. Also, this shake was very filling and the powder itself was only 110 cals! This shake was very impressive, and I definitely recommend this product!

Oh Yeah Strawberries and Cream Protein Shake:
I really enjoyed this shake! To make my shake I mixed a packet of the powder (one rounded scoop) with 8 oz almond milk(the max amount of liquid recommended on label). This shake tasted very similar to the Hershey/Horizon strawberry milk I used to drink when I was little. It was so sweet, creamy, and the strawberry taste didn’t have that bad artificial flavor. The only thing about this shake that I wasn’t too keen on was it was partially sweetened with aspartame. Other than that, I loved it!

Oh Yeah Chocolate Milkshake Protein Shake:
This protein shake was perfect! The flavor was just as good or even better than a chocolate milkshake. It had such a rich sweet chocolatey flavor and was so delicious. I added the max amount of liquid(almond milk) that the label recommended so my shake was a milky consistent.. But, if you add less liquid then drinking this shake would have the taste and texture of a chocolate milkshake.

Oh Yeah Vanilla Crème Protein Shake:
Similarly to the Strawberries and Crème shake this reminded me of the Horizon or Hershey flavored milk that I used to drink when I was little! The taste of this protein shake was like vanilla ice cream. I added the max amount of liquid (almond milk) that the label recommended, so my shake was more of a milky consistently in which i liked! The flavor was so distinct and rich that I was like drinking a milkshake of dessert.

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Oh Yeah Protein Bar Reviews

I was so incredibly impressed with all of Oh Yeah’s protein bars. They were all amazing and incredibly delicious.

Oh Yeah Trail Mix Bar(almonds, white chocolate, cranberries):
This bar was incredibly delicious. It was a nougat drenched In soft caramel. It had almond pieces, cranberries, and white chocolate stuck into the sweet caramel molding. I loved the amazing combination of the tart and sweet flavor of the cranberries with the salty taste of the almond, with the delicious taste of the white chocolate. This bar was so good that it was like eating a dessert! I would have no problem eating this over a candy bar.

Oh Yeah Trail Mix Bar(peanuts, chocolate candy pieces, raisins):
This bar was very good. It had a delicious combination of salty peanuts and sweet candy/raisins. The bar had a nougat center covered in caramel with peanuts, raisins, and chocolate candy pieces. This was so good and enjoyable that it was almost like a peanut and chocolate candy bar with a couple of raisins!

Oh Yeah Chocolate Caramel Candies Good Grab Bar:
Wow. This bar was so unbelievably delicious. It was like eating a candy bar! It had a crunchy (nutty) outside with layers of chocolate candies and caramel. This was so enjoyable and delicious that I was tempted to eat another one. This bar had a nougat inside drenched in a chocolate coating with peanuts, chocolate candies, and caramel. At only 180 cals, 9 grams fat, and 8 sugar, this bar has a pretty good amount of macros.

Oh Yeah Fudge Brownie Victory Bar:
I really liked the texture of this bar, and the flavor was pretty good for a high protein bar. Yes, not as desirable as an actual brownie. But, for a high protein bar, the flavor was pretty good. The added mini chocolate chips in the bar made it very good. Also, this bar was very filing and only 200 cals and 6 grand fat! I was happy to find that this bar had no artificial sweeteners and was made with all natural ingredients.

Oh Yeah Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Victory Bar:
This bar was very enjoyable. It had a pretty good cookie dough flavor with an added protein taste. It was very soft and chewy and I loved the texture. It had little chocolate chips in it that made it all the better! This bar was pretty impressive for only having 200 cals and 6 grams fat! Also, this bar has no artificial sweeteners and is all natural!

20140115-153746.jpgOh Yeah Peanut Butter Crunch Bar :
This bar is seriously comparable to a peanut butter candy bar(taste wise). It consisted of a nougat wrapped in peanuts and peanut “candy” pieces with a peanut chocolate glaze to hold everything together. This bar was very huge, so I prefer the good grab bars because they are half of this size..Also, this bar had aspartame as a sweetener and I am not a fan and try to stay away from that artificial sweetener.