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P28 High Protein Products Reviews



P28 High Protein Bagels:
This product is so amazing. It toasts wonderfully and is very good with both savory and sweet topping. It had a similar texture to a traditional bagel, has a wonderful soft and doughy texture, and is quite dense. This bagels density made it very filling and satisfying. This bagel had a very good taste, and actually tasted just as good or even better then the traditional bagels! It tastes quit similar to a traditional bagel, but has a minimally sweeter taste and is a bit chewier and fluffier(which I loved). The bagel had an amazing 28 grams of protein and had only 16 g of net carbs(while most regular bagels have about 35-55 g net carbs), making this bagel totally guilt free. I loved these bagels so much and these are most definitely going to be a staple food of mine from now on..


P28 100% Whole Wheat High Protein Bread:
The bread is very good toasted, made into French toast, and just eaten plain on sandwiches! The bread has a very good texture as well as taste. The texture is very smooth, fluffy, doughy, and not dry one bit. It is also very dense, which I loved because it was very filling and a lot of breads on the market now are mostly air. The bread has a slightly sweet taste which I really liked. Each slice was 130 calories with only 7 grams nets carbs and a whopping 14 grams of protein! I love that it had so much protein because itself provided me with the protein I need and I don’t have to feel bad about topping it with spreads that aren’t rich in protein!

P28 High Protein Flatbread:
These Flatbreads are very good tasting! They have slightly sweet taste, but that was nothing to complain about. They have an amazing 28 grams of protein PER FLATBREAD. The flatbreads toast very well in the panini press, as well as on skillets. Also, they are very good eaten as is by making wraps. They were so multipurpose. These flatbreads are very useful for making multiple things. Such as, burritos, quesadillas, flatbread pizza, PIZZA CONES, tortilla chips, ect. With only 16 g net carbs, these were so dense and large that their macros are incredible!

P28 Signature Blend Nut Butter:
This nut butter is very delicious! It is a combination of peanut and almond butter with cranberries, flaxseed, sunflower seeds, cinnamon, honey, and whey protein. It has a wonderful taste combination of salty and sweet with a hint of tartness from the cranberries and a touch of cinnamon. The texture of the butter combination was very smooth and the sunflower seeds, and cranberries provided a chunky texture. Each serving (2 tbs) has 14 grams of proteins while traditional peanut butters have about 7 grams!